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Three Rivers Ranch Romance™ Complete 17-Book eBook Collection

Three Rivers Ranch Romance™ Complete 17-Book eBook Collection

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17 Texas cowboys and their journeys toward happily-ever-after. The complete Three Rivers Ranch Romance collection, all in one omnibus!

For feel-good, satisfying, and uplifting cowboy romance, you’ve come to the right place! Get the entire Three Rivers Ranch Romance collection and get lost in ranch life, cowboys, and swoon-worthy, faith-filled romance.

Binge-read this bestselling clean contemporary western romance series today!

START HERE! This is a 17-book ebook boxed set that contains all 17 books in the Three Rivers Ranch Romance™ series.

You’ll get:

1. Second Chance Ranch

2. Third Time’s the Charm

3. Fourth and Long

4. Fifth Generation Cowboy

5. The Seventh Sergeant

6. Eight Second Ride

7. Sixth Street Love Affair

8. The Ninth Inning

9. Ten Days in Town

10. Eleven Year Reunion

11. The Twelfth Town

12. Lucky Number Thirteen

13. The Curse of February Fourteenth

14. Fifteen Minutes of Fame

15. Sixteen Steps to Fall in Love

16. The Sleigh on Seventeenth Street

17. The First Lady of Three Rivers Ranch

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Read Chapter 1 Now!

The walls in Kelly Russell’s life had never seemed so close. Of course, they hadn’t been this putrid shade of yellow for a long time, either. Her parents lived with the motto of “use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without,” and kitchen wall paint was no exception.

But if Kelly could ace this morning’s job interview, she had a chance of getting her own walls again. Soon. And she’d paint them. Maybe blue, or purple, or green. Something cool. Anything but the stark white she’d had in California—or this dark yellow.

“I have to drive out to the ranch.” She straightened her jacket as she glanced toward her mom and son, who sat at the kitchen table eating breakfast. She’d sailed through her college admissions interview in this jacket. She’d been hired for her first real job in this jacket. She’d also worn this jacket in divorce court and been granted full custody of her son, Finn.

She hoped the turquoise number would work its magic today. She tugged down the hemline, wondering when her black skirt had gotten a smidge too small.

Probably while you were sitting on the beach these past five years. She knew there’d be no sitting at Three Rivers Ranch, though she hoped the accountant would at least have an office.

“It’s about twenty-five miles on that old, dirt road,” she continued, knowing her four-year-old son wasn’t listening, but hoping her mother was. “So I’ll be gone for, I don’t know, at least two hours. Maybe three.”

“We’ll be fine,” her mom said. “I’ve taken care of children before.”

“I know.” Kelly pressed her lips together and determined that she did not need another layer of lipstick. She’d slick on clear gloss just before the interview. “But it’s been a long time.”

It had been twenty-four years, to be exact, since Kelly had been four. And her mother didn’t seem as sharp as she once had.

Her dad grumped his way into the kitchen, but Kelly knew his frowny face was an act. “Hey, Finny,” he said. “Want to go throw the pigskin?”

“Just a second, Daddy.” Kelly crouched down and drew her son into a hug. “Love you, baby. Be good for Grandma and Grandpa.”

She stood, and a sliver of nervous energy ran through her as she thought about returning to the ranch she’d loved as a teenager. She could practically smell the dust, hear the horses whinnying, and picture her best friend waving from the front porch, though Chelsea lived in Dallas now.

“Three Rivers needs a new financial controller,” her mom said as she walked with Kelly to the front door. “You’re qualified, and Frank knows you. He’d have to be dead not to hire you.”

“Didn’t you say he was going to be retiring soon?” Kelly worried the inside of her bottom lip with her teeth.

“That’s what Glenda said.” Mom put both hands on Kelly’s shoulders as Kelly pictured the ladies down at the hair salon gossiping about everything from the price of beef to who’d moved in over the weekend. “You’ve got this.” Her mom nodded and released her.

A rush of appreciation lifted Kelly’s lips into a smile. “Thanks, Mom.”

As she drove away from her childhood home, she made a mental list of things she could thank her parents for. Giving her a fabulous childhood under the wide, Texas sky. Paying for fifteen years of dance classes, which had provided her with a skill she’d used to fund her college education. Teaching her how to laugh.

Allowing her and Finn to take over their basement after her divorce.

She thought of her work at the local grocer as she pointed her pathetic excuse for a car toward the ranch. She’d been back in Three Rivers for several weeks, and she’d taken the first job she could get. But ringing up milk didn’t pay well enough for her to buy her own house and raise a child. And the nearest dance studio was in Amarillo, fifty miles away. The investment of time and money to get there and back didn’t make teaching ballet a viable option.

Kelly’s fingers tightened on the steering wheel. “I’ve got this,” she repeated. The gently rolling hills calmed her, as they always had. She’d spent countless hours out here with nothing but her thoughts, the wind, and her friends. The open, blue sky further anchored her. She’d loved lying on her back in Chelsea’s backyard, creating stories from the clouds that rolled by. And the summer storms—she and Chelsea had made up their own songs, their own lyrics, their own choreography, all to the sound of thunder.

By the time she turned down the dirt driveway that led to the homestead, a sense of peace filled her. This ranch had been her second home growing up, and coming back to it now felt right. If she could get this job, it would be the first step toward getting her whole life back.

The nerves returned. She took a deep breath at the sight of the familiar house, imposing the first time you saw it. But Kelly knew better. She’d been in every room, felt the love and warmth from the family pictures hanging on the walls.

Kelly laughed at the memory at the same time her chest squeezed. Working at Three Rivers would provide a little safety at a time when Kelly had none. No pressure or anything.

She noted the American flag flying in the front yard of the ranch-style home. She’d kept in touch with Chelsea over the years and knew her younger brother, Squire, had joined the Army. His mother was obviously proud.

Kelly wondered if she’d get to see Heidi today, maybe experience one of her powder-scented hugs. A nostalgic smile played at her lips. She hoped so.

She left the house behind as she drove to the edge of the homestead, passing the barns, stables, and grain towers. Three industrial trailers edged the property before it gave way to the bull yards, and Kelly parked next to a row of dirty trucks, her little sedan a miniature vehicle among the bulky ranch equipment.

She glanced around as she walked through the packed-dirt parking lot, noticing that not much had changed. The clucking of chickens and the lowing of cattle met her ears, attributes that indicated this was indeed a working ranch. Kelly sidestepped a particularly large stone in the path. She’d have dust all the way to her knees by the time she made it inside. Everything about her spoke of a city businesswoman entering a whole new world, but she’d had to wear her heels. This was an interview.

Unfortunately, the metal steps and ramp were grated, creating a veritable gauntlet for her Jimmy Choo’s. She supposed the heels, though fashionable and absolutely the perfect statement for this outfit, weren’t exactly ranch attire.

She shifted her weight onto the balls of her feet and made it up four steps before her right heel sank through the metal. She set down her purse and tried to wrench the shoe free as she balanced on her toes. The Texas heat caused a trickle of sweat to form on her forehead. She did not want to enter the interview dusty, heelless, and now sticky.

She swung her hair over her shoulder, the movement throwing her off-balance. She gripped the railing to steady herself and prepared to make another attempt at freeing her shoe.

“You know, most ranch hands wear boots,” a man said behind her.

Kelly’s heart tripped as a strangled sound came out of her throat. She straightened, her hand smoothing down the back of her skirt, where a high slit was located. Had he seen anything?

She pressed her eyes closed. She’d never felt out of place on this ranch, and she wasn’t going to start now. “Yes, I can see why,” she agreed. “However, I didn’t get the memo.” Kelly opened her eyes and twisted to see who she’d need to avoid on the ranch. Because she was going to get this job, sweaty, mismatched, and dirty notwithstanding. She expected to see a cowboy—preferably one with a multi-purpose tool he could use to cut her free.

But this man, standing over six feet tall, didn’t wear the regular stonewashed jeans and long-sleeved shirt. No siree. Not a boot or a belt buckle was in sight. Instead his pressed khakis and black polo accentuated his athletic body. Biceps strained against the sleeves of his shirt, a clear testament that ranching did a body good. Maybe he drank a gallon of milk everyday too. The only two indicators that he belonged in Texas were the cowboy hat perched naturally on his head and the panting dog at his side.

Kelly’s reasons for wanting the position suddenly shifted to a completely new level. She gave herself a mental shake—she needed a job, not a boyfriend.

“Ma’am.” He took off his hat and ran his fingers through his thick, brown hair. She couldn’t tell from his sly smile and the amused sparkle in his eye if he was secretly laughing at her predicament or if he’d seen way more leg than she’d intended. She found herself returning his devilish smirk. Why was her stomach doing that floaty thing? She suppressed it and smoothed her hand over the back of her skirt again.

As he settled his hat back on his head, Kelly twisted and slid her feet out of the toes of her shoes. She turned around carefully so as to avoid touching the jagged metal, and placed her feet back on her shoes. Good thing she’d taken all those dance lessons. Still, her calf muscles hadn’t been used this way for a long time.

As she took in his form again, she recognized his cobalt blue eyes still sparking with mischief, his straight, long nose, and his square jaw where that smile remained.

“Squire?” She wobbled a little as she spoke.

He seemed startled at the use of his name, his smile fading. Squire studied her for a moment, thunderclouds darkening his eyes into a shade of gray that reminded Kelly of the churning ocean. “I don’t think we’ve met,” he said.

Oh, they had. He just possessed a lot more to admire now than he had in high school, including a pair of unforgettable dimples that appeared as his grin returned. “Are you going to clue me in?” he asked. “Or just stare at me until your name appears in my mind?” He folded his arms across his broad chest and quirked his eyebrows.

She blinked rapidly, embarrassed that she’d been caught gawking. “I’m Kelly Russell.” She shook her head, wishing she could shake away the words just as easily. “I mean Armstrong. Kelly Armstrong.”

“Like, Bond. James Bond?” His throaty laugh tickled her ears. “Sorry. Doesn’t ring a bell.”

He shrugged like it was no big deal that he didn’t remember her. Kelly couldn’t understand how he could’ve forgotten. She’d practically lived down the hall in his sister’s room.

“Yeah,” she said, still balancing backward in her shoes, the heel still jammed into the metal steps. “Remember, I was on the cheer squad with Chelsea? I slept over here all the time?” She peered at him, but his face remained impassive, stoic.

“Chelsea had a lot of friends,” he said. “Were you one of the gigglers?”

“No!” Kelly blew her hair out of her eyes, but it stuck to her forehead. She gave up hope of going into the interview without a bucket of sweat dripping from her face. “Remember how we used to choreograph dances and make you judge us?” Kelly emitted a nervous giggle before she could quell the sound.

“You just wanted to watch football, and we’d drag you into the back yard and make you watch us do our high kicks.” She attempted the move now, realizing too late that her skirt was too tight for such things. Her foot barely made it above her knee and that slit allowed a blast of air to go up her skirt.

Squire’s eyes closed briefly as she pressed down her clothes once more. The dog whined, somehow sensing her stupidity and warning her to stop now!

She’d lost her mind. So this is what it feels like, she thought. She’d let Squire completely undo her composure. Still, it bothered her that he didn’t remember her. She took a deep breath, trying to refocus on the impending interview.

“Okay, well, whatever. Maybe you can help me get out of this mess.” She pointed at her shoe and tried for a carefree chuckle. It sounded more like a strangled cat. At least it wasn’t a giggle.

Squire joined her on the fourth step, steadying her as she turned around and stepped back into her shoes properly. “Why don’t you just take off the shoe and then yank it out?” He released her and continued up the stairs while his dog slipped past them to lie in the shade. “In fact, I would’ve removed my shoes first, climbed the steps and then put them back on. At least shoes like that.” He gave her a flirtatious wink, and her memory stumbled. Maybe this man wasn’t Squire Ackerman. Kelly had certainly never seen him with more muscles in his body than stars in the sky. And he’d never flirted with her.

“I’d like to see you wear shoes like this,” she muttered, her gaze murderous as she glared at him.

“I would rock shoes like that, darlin’,” he said. “And Kelly? I remember your high kick being much…higher.”

Her heart cartwheeled through her chest. He did know who she was! That little snake.

Before she could formulate an answer, he entered the building and let the door crash closed behind him.

“Take the shoe off, darlin’,” she mimicked, but she did what Squire had suggested. The metal was just as hot and ragged as it looked. She balanced on the ball of her foot, trying to do as little damage as possible, this time to her skin. Her heel came free, and thankfully, it had only suffered a few minor scrapes.

“Is he always like that?” she asked his border collie, but he simply looked at her with a pleading expression, as if to say, Please don’t attempt that high kick again. She vaguely recognized the animal, but she couldn’t recall his name. She did remember that Squire had always loved his dogs. “Bet he’d help you if you got stuck.”

She removed her other shoe and scampered up the rest of the steps barefoot. As she slipped back into her heels on the safety of the rubber mat outside the door, Kelly wiped her brow, sent a prayer heavenward that she could ace this interview, and took a deep breath. Then she pushed open the door.

What Readers are Saying

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “I love her books.They are always such feel good readings. I love that she continues each book as if it were almost A Series as you would see on TV. I love it when they continue bringing characters from the previous book and inter twine together to make a captivating story.” ~MaryAnn O.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "Every book I’ve read in this series has been wonderfully written and hard to put down! It’s like one huge extended family that you can’t wait to find out what happens to everyone! This series is a must read!” ~Kindle Customer

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Escape to Three Rivers, Texas for small-town charm, sweet and sexy cowboys, and faith and family centered romance. 

This is the series that started it all, and the world continues to grow in other cowboy romance series by USA Today bestselling and Top 10 Kindle All-Star Author, Liz Isaacson. You'll get second chance romance, friends to lovers. older brother's best friend, military romance, secret babies, and more! The Three Rivers cowboys and the women who rope their hearts are waiting for you, so start reading today!

  • Book 1: Second Chance Ranch

    A wounded Army cowboy, a divorcée with a child, and their second chance to heal old hurts...As Squire and Kelly work to save the ranch and navigate their complicated relationship, can they also give love a second chance, follow God’s plan for them, and build a family out of heartache?

  • Book 2: Third Time's the Charm

    He’s her brother’s best friend, and she’s so broken she’s sure not even the strong Army cowboy and his therapeutic riding program can help her… Can Pete and Chelsea confront their insecurities and learn to trust in love, acceptance, and the promise of a brighter future together?

  • Book 3: Fourth and Long

    A cowboy contractor, his ex-wife, and the son he never knew he had… Will their love be enough to heal the wounds they've inflicted on one another? Or will they allow the bitterness of their past to tear their family apart forever?

  • Book 4: Fifth Generation Cowboy

    A shy cowboy, a single mother, and their journey out of the friend zone. Can they face the challenges of single parenthood, past traumas, and societal expectations to build a life together? Or will their leap of faith leave them all broken-hearted?

  • Book 5: Sixth Street Love Affair

    In the heart of Texas, where the sunsets paint the sky with fiery passion, a rugged ranch foreman and a courageous veterinary technician find themselves entwined in a tale of second chances, faith, and unyielding love—even in the face of danger. Can these two wounded souls discover that love and redemption are within reach, but if only they dare to take the leap of faith…together?

  • Book 6: The Seventh Sergeant

    A veteran cowboy, his care coordinator, and the chance to heal their hearts together. Will Reese allow Carly into his guarded heart so they can build a happily-ever-after together?

  • Book 7: Eight Second Ride

    A champion bull rider, a barrel racing winner, and the ride of a lifetime as these enemies attempt to become lovers. Torn between their familial obligations and their hearts, can Ethan and Brynn embrace a different future together? Or will their hearts be broken on the rodeo circuit the way they have been before?

  • Book 8: The Ninth Inning

    The Christmas season has never felt like such a burden to boutique owner Andrea Larsen. But with Mama gone and the holidays upon her, Andy finds herself wishing she hadn't been so quick to judge her former boyfriend, cowboy Lawrence Collins. Well, Lawrence hasn't forgotten about Andy either, and he devises a plan to get her out to the ranch so they can reconnect. Do they have the faith and humility to patch things up and start a new relationship?

  • Book 9: Ten Days in Town

    Sandy Keller is tired of the dating scene in Three Rivers. Though she owns the pancake house, she's looking for a fresh start, which means an escape from the town where she grew up. When her older brother's best friend, Tad Jorgensen, comes to town for the holidays, it is a balm to his weary soul. A helicopter tour guide who experienced a near-death experience, he's looking to start over too--but in Three Rivers. Can Sandy and Tad navigate their troubles to find the path God wants them to take--and discover true love--in only ten days?

  • Book 10: Eleven Year Reunion

    Pastry chef extraordinaire, Grace Lewis has moved to Three Rivers to help Heidi Ackerman open a bakery in Three Rivers. Grace relishes the idea of starting over in a town where no one knows about her failed cupcakery. She doesn't expect to run into her old high school boyfriend, Jonathan Carver. A carpenter working at Three Rivers Ranch, Jon's in town against his will. But with Grace now on the scene, Jon's thinking life in Three Rivers is suddenly looking up. But with her focus on baking and his disdain for small towns, can they make their eleven year reunion stick?

  • Book 11: The Twelfth Town

    Newscaster Taryn Tucker has had enough of life on-screen. She's bounced from town to town before arriving in Three Rivers, completely alone and completely anonymous--just the way she now likes it. She takes a job cleaning at Three Rivers Ranch, hoping for a chance to figure out who she is and where God wants her. When she meets happy-go-lucky cowhand Kenny Stockton, she doesn't expect sparks to fly. Kenny's always been "the best friend" for his female friends, but the pull between him and Taryn can't be denied. Will they have the courage and faith necessary to make their opposite worlds mesh?

  • Book 12: Lucky Number Thirteen

    A wounded rodeo champion and a tender-hearted nurse find healing and love where they least expect it—with each other. Has God put him in Three Rivers for a reason, and is this the divine plan that will finally lead him to happiness and love?

  • Book 13: The Curse of February Fourteenth

    A runaway tennis star with a secret identity, a single dad cowboy, and the Cinderellaesque fairy tale romance that changes their hearts. Will she take a leap of faith and embrace her role as Cal's Cinderella no matter the cost, or will she continue to run from the shadows of her former life?

  • Book 14: Fifteen Minutes of Fame

    A nurse seeking for answers, a skeptical cowboy, and the legends of Three Rivers that help them see past their differences to the possibility of true love. Can love and legend come together for Gavin and Navy to create a tale of true love? Or will the walls around Gavin’s heart be too strong for Navy to break down?

  • Book 15: Sixteen Steps to Fall in Love

    A cowboy veterinarian who works sixteen steps from the woman of his dreams...and doesn't even know she's there. Can a chance meeting in a different location open his eyes to happily-ever-after?

  • Book 16: The Sleigh on Seventeenth Street

    When sparks fly in Three Rivers, can love light up the Christmas season for these two opposites? Can Camila and Dylan finish the build without breaking up or losing their shirts? Will they be able to traverse the delicate balance of water and electricity, the spell of mistletoe and Santa’s sleigh versus reality, without losing their hearts?

  • Book 17: The First Lady of Three Rivers Ranch

    A dance with destiny at Three Rivers Ranch between the sexy cowboy owner and the woman he hires to clean the cabins…who ends up stealing his heart. Will she return to school to fulfill her dreams or follow her heart and stay in Three Rivers with Frank?Can their faith in God and each other guide them to the sweetest of happy endings?

  • Coming Soon! Book 18: Eighteen Bow Ties and Counting

    Coming soon - summer 2024!

Escape to Montana with more sweet & swoony cowboys!

Embark on an unforgettable journey when you visit Horseshoe Home Ranch, where faith, love, and second chances abound. In this heartwarming series of Christian cowboy romance novels by USA Today bestselling author Liz Isaacson, each standalone tale is an invitation to explore the intertwined lives of rugged cowboys and the resilient women who win their hearts.


From the rolling ranchlands to the intimate corners of small-town life, these stirring stories are filled with emotional trials, inspirational transformations, and love's redeeming power. Whether it's a chance encounter, a second chance at love, or an unexpected competition, these tales of faith, hope, and love highlight the enduring bonds of community, the healing power of forgiveness, and the irresistible pull of the heart.


"Isaacson artfully combines disparate threads in her contemporary Western Christian romance…in her Three Rivers Ranch series." ~BookLife, Publisher's Weekly


Inspirational tales of love, faith, and second chances in the heart of Montana. Come fall in love with your next cowboy boyfriend!

Customer Reviews

Based on 375 reviews
Kim M.
Loved Reading Three Rivers

Absolutely loved the stories that have taken place around Three Rivers. The characters, storylines and series are great. Now reading and waiting on the stories from the 2nd gen.


5.0 out of 5 stars

Really enjoyed this one

I did truly enjoy this book. I usually read in stops and starts as life requires. However, I read this one straight through. The story was very good, so far as I was concerned. Small details don't bother me, except when poor grammar and punctuation are concerned. I would recommend it to anyone who likes cowboy romance, or any kind of romance, but who prefers to avoid the explicit details of romance.

Ms. H.

5.0 out of 5 stars


I love Liz Isaacson, her novels are truly wonderful! It is hard to find an author who can distinguish between a Christian Romance Novel and a Contemporary Romance Novel, but Ms. Isaacson does it and she does it well! I highly recommend every novel that I have read, and I hope that every novel I plan to read in the future is of the same quality!"Second Chance Ranch" is a story of love, redemption, and second chances (obviously since it is found in the title). Squire and Kelly have a love story that is not typically for most romance authors, it is different without being too different. When you dive into this story you will meet two characters that could be your next door neighbors if you didn't look hard enough.I recommend this ten novel series, each one is better than the last. Very well written, it's like a story coming off the pages before your very eyes.

Kindle C.

5.0 out of 5 stars


A story of surviving domestic abuse. It is clean and well written. It is also a very good western romance.

Alice W.

5.0 out of 5 stars

Action-packed and romance suspense storyline

A long wait for Garth & Juliette connected by worth it. Enjoyed reading this novel and you will too great plot.