Collection: Cider Cove Sweet Southern RomCom

A brand-new romantic comedy series that will have you laughing out loud, wishing you lived in the South, and swooning for all the Boys Next Door (after they stop annoying you, of course!)!

6 single roommates. One Big House in the suburbs of Charleston. 6 guys who either live or work right next door to our curvy heroines...

These couples don't particularly get along, but they're all dealing with the forced proximity issues - until they realize that the hot guy next door is actually really... sweet.

And that they could be more than friends. Oh, yeah. Way more than friends.

You'll get witty banter, fun, flirty situations, and plenty of heat without crossing the line in these sweet-with-heat romcoms! Fall in love with the Southern gentlemen who start out as rivals, enemies, and grumps in the Cider Cove Sweet Southern Romcoms series!

Laugh out loud in this hilarious forced proximity, enemies to lovers, boy next door, he falls first romcom series! The romance is clean, the jokes witty, and the grumps swoon-worthy. Read today!