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Book 5: The Island Escape (Getaway Bay® Romance)

Book 5: The Island Escape (Getaway Bay® Romance)

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Escape to Getaway Bay and meet your new best friends as these women navigate their careers, their love lives, and their own dreams and desires. Each heartwarming love story shows the power of women in their own lives and the lives of their friends.

Each book can be read as a standalone, with a happily-ever-after ending, and clean, sweet-without-losing-the-heat romance!

About THE ISLAND ESCAPE: Riley Randall has spent eight years smiling at new brides, being excited for her friends as they find Mr. Right, and dating by a strict set of rules that she never breaks. But she might have to consider bending those rules ever so slightly if she wants an escape from the island… Will he be able to navigate the potholes of his career and keep Riley in his life? Or will she be forever destined to watch others find their happily-ever-after—and watch Evan escape the island without her?

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Riley Randall leaned her head back as the plane touched down on the island of Getaway Bay. She loved visiting her family. She did. Honestly. But it had been a little bit much with all sixteen of them there, celebrating her parents fiftieth wedding anniversary.

With her four older siblings, her parents, and her six nieces and nephews, Riley had enjoyed a great week on Oahu. She really had.

But she was very happy to be home, in Getaway Bay, where she could eat whatever cereal she wanted in her little bungalow, sleep past six a.m., and have a moment—or two—of silence when she needed it.

She’d definitely felt left out this week, but she knew it wasn’t her siblings’ fault. They all had a spouse, and she didn’t. It was natural to pair up that way, but she’d often been left to herself to find someone to paddle board with, or someone to sit by at dinner, or someone to go with her up to the bathrooms from the beach.

Yes, she was definitely very happy to be home.

The seatbelt sign on the airplane turned off, and a flurry of activity started. She sat near the back of the plane, but she stood up anyway. Because of her petite frame, the top of her head barely touched the underside of the overhead compartment.

It seemed to take forever for the crowd to inch forward, get their bags down, collect their cell phones. Riley normally wasn’t impatient, but she needed to go to the bathroom, and she was simply peopled out.

When it was finally her turn, the people on her row moved into the aisle. “Yours is the pink one, right?” the man beside her said, and Riley nodded.

“Yes, thank you.”

He got her luggage down for her, and she followed him off the plane. How the flight attendants could still be smiling boggled her mind, and yet she smiled at them as she got off too. So it could be done.

After all, she worked in an industry that required an endless supply of smiles, even when there was nothing to smile about.

Riley sure had enjoyed her time away from Your Tidal Forever. The stress of making sure every appointment got scheduled correctly, with the right person, at the right time. Her boss was somewhat overbearing, but Riley had learned to love Hope. She loved all the people she’d worked with, even if some of them had gone on to get their own happily-ever-after too.

She just wanted one of her own. And you’ll get it, she told herself as the line in front of her stalled again just after she’d stepped off the plane. She sighed and looked down, her eye catching on something shiny on the jetway.

It was a watch, and she bent to pick it up. “Is this yours?” she asked the man in front of her. He turned and looked at it, shook his head, and moved when the line did.

Concerned, but unsure about what to do with the watch, Riley followed him. No one grabbed onto her arm or demanded she give them the watch. She slipped it into her purse, intending to find out whose it was and return it—right after she took a good, long nap.

* * *

Later that evening, Riley had slept, unpacked her bag, and put a load of laundry in the washing machine before she remembered the watch. She retrieved it from her purse and attempted to turn it on, but it wouldn’t power up.

She examined the charging plug, and she didn’t have anything that would fit it. But she knew who did—Shannon Bell, a co-worker at Your Tidal Forever. Riley had seen Shannon wear a watch similar to this one before, albeit in a shade of rosy pink and not this masculine black.

She pulled out her phone and tapped a message to Shannon. Can you charge this watch? She snapped a picture of the item and sent it along to Shannon.

Where did you get that?

I found it on the plane, Riley said, though that wasn’t technically true. If I can power it up, I might be able to see who it belongs to.

I’ll bring my charger to work tomorrow.

Work tomorrow.

Riley was tired just thinking about it.

But off to work she went the next day, as it was Monday, and she’d spent the last seven days on vacation. She didn’t think it was fair that vacation drained her so much, but she didn’t really have anyone to complain to about it.

“And that’s not even true,” she muttered to herself. After work today, she’d stop by the pet paradise and pick up her two cats, who had been boarded there while she celebrated the beginnings of her family.

So she could definitely complain to Marbles and Sunshine, detail everything for them about the trip, what her sister had said, and the secrets her brother had told her about their other brother.

She smiled just thinking of all of them, and she was glad she still loved them, even after spending so much time with them in such close proximity.

Riley always arrived before almost anyone else at the wedding planning business. She loved her job, and she was very good at it. Her desk felt like it wasn’t quite hers, and she took a half an hour while the rest of the consultants came in to get everything back where it should be.

Shannon finally arrived, her handsome husband continuing down the sidewalk to the building where he worked. Jeremiah was a doctor, and he and Shannon were a perfect fit for one another.

“I brought the charger,” Shannon said. “And it’s so good to see you.” She came around the desk and hugged Riley, and Riley let the feelings of love move through her. See, she didn’t need a man. She had girlfriends.

In her heart of hearts, though, Riley knew it wasn’t the same. “Thank you. What have I missed?”

“Oh my—holy cow.” Shannon covered her mouth. “So much has happened. Charlotte announced that she and Dawson are adopting a baby.”

Riley stalled in her movement to plug in the watch. “You’re kidding.”

“I am really not.” Shannon looked like she’d swallowed stars and they now shone in her eyes. “It was very exciting. Hope brought in cake and then she cried through the whole thing.”

“Oh, that’s too bad.” Riley’s spirits deflated. Hope and her husband Aiden had been trying to have kids for a while, and it just wasn’t working out.

Shannon’s phone rang, and she said, “We have to lunch today and get caught up,” before walking a few steps and answering the call.

Riley finished plugging in the watch, enjoying the little chimes it made as it powered on. Now, she’d just figure out who this device belonged to, and she’d have done her good deed for the day.

* * *

Four days later, Riley slipped into the bathroom to check her hair. She was meeting one Evan Garfield today to return the watch she’d found on the jetway. He’d confirmed a few things on the watch, so Riley was sure it was him, plus it had been his email address she’d sent the message to about finding the watch.

He’d apparently been on the island for a concert, and he was still in town. “So you don’t need to check your hair,” she muttered to her reflection. “He’s a tourist, Riley. You don’t date tourists.”

But she was seriously considering it, as it seemed like she’d been through all the eligible bachelors on the island that were permanent residents.

Still, some measure of hope bounced around in her chest as she exited the bathroom, grabbed the watch from her desk drawer, and headed out. She and Evan were meeting at Roasted on the other side of East Bay, and she opted to walk though the September sun would melt her makeup off her face after about five minutes.

She showed up early and scanned the place for someone who looked like an Evan. Almost scoffing at herself—because what did an Evan even look like?—she moved over to the counter and ordered a latte with cream.

Hardly anyone actually came inside Roasted, choosing instead to use their drive-through window, so she hadn’t thought to give the guy her physical description. It wasn’t like they were going on a blind date. She shook her head at her romantic ideas about passing off a lost item.

The bell on the door rang, and three men entered. They all wore beanies, which Riley found odd, and sunglasses, which fit the Hawaiian atmosphere. She watched them approach the counter, wondering if one of them could be Evan.

They all wore jeans and some version of a Georgia Panic T-shirt, which Riley found odd. Something jiggled in the back of her brain about the band, but she couldn’t put her finger on what. Then the barista set her latte down in front of her and turned to the men.

Distracted by the delicious coffee, Riley twisted away from them and sipped her hot caffeine. The stool next to her scraped, and a man said, “Is this seat taken?”

“It is by you,” Riley said with a smile in his general direction. The other two men stayed down by the register, and neither looked in her direction.

“You know that has a plastic straw in it, right?” He nodded to her drink.

Riley simply lifted the little red straw to her lips and sucked on her latte. The liquid was much too hot to take much into her mouth, but she did it anyway, never removing her eyes from the man next to her.

He had a sexy scruff going on, and if he’d take off those sunglasses, Riley would bet money she’d find a beautiful pair of dark eyes beneath those bushy brows. His hair was dark poking out of the beanie, with that beard to match.

“I’ll tie it in a knot before I throw it away,” she said.

“That doesn’t always work.” He plucked a napkin from the dispenser on the counter. “A lot of sea animals die from the plastic in the oceans.”

Riley had read all about it. “I’m surprised someone like you knows that,” she said, teasing him and hoping he could hear it. She’d never seen him or the men with him around the island, and she was probably flirting with a tourist.

But these guys didn’t seem like tourists. No board shorts. No flip flops. No long, blond hair. T-shirts and jeans really stood out on the island, and she wondered who they were and what they were doing in Getaway Bay.

“Someone like me?” he asked.

“Yeah,” she said. “Someone so handsome and tall and obviously into the same coffee as me.” She nodded toward the cup as the barista set down another latte—with a little red, plastic straw in it.

The man chuckled, and Riley really wanted to get his name and number. She glanced toward the door, her thoughts about Evan somewhere way below this guy. She almost didn’t want him to show up.

“And your friends sat over there,” she said, pointing with that straw. “Did you guys have some sort of bro code or something?”

The man laughed again, his version of saying yes.

“Are you new on the island?” she asked.

“What gave it away?” he asked.

“The lack of swimming gear,” she said. “The jeans. The beanie in September. I don’t know. I just have a way of knowing.”

“Do you live here?”


“Raised here?”

“No, I grew up on Oahu, but I’ve lived in Getaway Bay for oh, let’s see. At least a decade now.” She reminded herself she was thirty-five years old now. So she’d been on the island for twelve years, not just ten. She didn’t correct herself though. Two years didn’t make a difference to this guy.

But two years made a lot of difference to Riley.

“So, you locals regularly get coffee in the middle of the day, when it’s super hot outside?” he asked.

“Oh, honey,” she said, playfully putting one of her immaculately manicured hands on his arm. “It’s not super hot right now. Maybe in July.” She twittered out a laugh she hoped would earn her his number and looked at him.

“So why are you here?” he asked, scanning her clothes. “Are you drinking coffee for lunch?”

“Today I am,” she said, taking another sip.

“Do you work around here?”

“Other side of the bay,” she said. “A wedding planning place.”

He nodded as if he knew the spot, but Riley knew he didn’t. She couldn’t help herself, though. Maybe she just wanted to prove she still had some game when it came to flirting with gorgeous men.

“What does a guy have to do to get your number?” he asked.

“Give me your phone.” She held out her palm, victory only breaths away. “My name’s Riley, by the way.”

He handed her his phone, and she started tapping on it to get to his contacts and put herself in them. She paused, realizing he hadn’t given her his name.

“Riley Randall?” he asked.

“Yeah.” An alarm sounded in her head as she cocked it. “Who are you?”

“I’m Evan Garfield. I think you have my watch.”

What Readers are Saying

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐  “I really enjoy the way this author plots the story. I feel like I'm part of the community when the characters from previous books are brought into the current one. It makes me think about the other stories as well. I also like that this book had some older (not really old!) people. I loved the way that Evan did some really good courting, and how Riley took a while to join in the fun. The story had some difficulties for the characters, and had a great ending. I just really enjoyed!” ~Barbara

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “This is such a Sweet and Heartwarming Story! The writing draws you in and keeps you involved throughout the whole story, I found myself in love with not only the characters but also the world that was created. The descriptions of the characters and their feelings are so involved, you can truly picture it in your mind. Their attitudes toward the events that are happening makes the story even richer.” ~Sleep_Reader

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Escape to Getaway Bay with these beachy wedding planners...who are waiting to be YOUR new best friend!

Escape to Getaway Bay and meet your new best friends as these women navigate their careers, their love lives, and their own dreams and desires. Each heartwarming love story shows the power of women in their own lives and the lives of their friends.

Each book can be read as a standalone, with a happily-ever-after ending, and clean, sweet-without-losing-the-heat romance!

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Get another does of Getaway Bay...with billionaires!

Ooooh, get ready for some billionaire beach romance! Join the members of the Nine-0 Club at the Sweet Breeze Resort - and they're not all men! 

The Getaway Bay Resort Romance series is exactly what you need in your life. It's sunshine, sand, and sexy billionaires - and all sweet-without-losing-the-heat romance!

Read this series if you like:

✔ Beach reads

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✔ Gender flip stories

✔ Friends to lovers

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